Red Moon Balkan
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1Adrianna's house Empty Adrianna's house on Fri Jun 24, 2011 8:57 am

Little.Miss.Nothing ♡
Little.Miss.Nothing ♡
Very Happy

Adrianna's house 6a00d83451b92469e20120a55ad226970c-500wi[center]

Adrianna's house Tumblr_lqb6kgsgo61qbjudso1_500_large_large
London,my Dream

[b]Got a diva dazzle that you just can't touch
Like an angel in Armani I'm too fabulous
They'll be lining up for blocks once I bop to the top
With a poochie in my Gucci, I just can't be stopped

We 'r who we'r!
Love you mon amours!


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