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1 Popis filmova o vampirima on Thu Jan 20, 2011 9:39 am<3
*Van Helsing
*Grof Dracula
*Blade 2
*Blade Trinity
*Los Muertos
*Intervju s vampirom
*Queen of the Damned
*The Lost Boys
*Sangre Eterna
*Bram Stoker's Dracula
*The Breed
*Dracula 2000
*Dracula's Daughter
*From Dusk Till Dawn
*House of Dracula
*Drakula veseli mrtvac
*Podzemlje 2: Evolucija
*Mladi mjesec
*The last vampire (Vampire Blood)
*The Vampire Assistan
* Van Helsing
* Grof Dracula
* Nosferatu
* Blade
* Blade 2
* Blade Trinity
* Los Muertos
* Draculla
* Podzemlje
* Intervju s vampirom
* Queen of the Damned
* The Lost Boys
* Leptirica
* Sangre Eterna
* Bram Stoker's Dracula
* The Breed
* Dracula 2000
* Dracula's Daughter
* From Dusk Till Dawn
* House of Dracula
* Drakula veseli mrtvac
* Podzemlje 2: Evolucija
* Sumrak
* Mladi Mjesec
* Pomrčina
* The Last Vampire
*Vampire Asisstent
* Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (USA 1948)
* A Filha de Dracula (Portugal, aka Dracula’s Daughter)
* Ahkea Kkots (South Korea 1961, remake of “Horror of Dracula”, aka The Bad Flower)
* Allen and Rossi Meet Dracula and Frankenstein (USA 1974)
* Anak Pontianak (Malaya 1958)
* Andy Warhol’s Dracula (Italy 1974)
* Angel (USA TV Series). A spin off from the successful Buffy, the Vampire Slayer series
* Angelis Y Querubines (Mexico 1972)
* As Sete Vampiras (Brazil 1984, Translation.The Seven Vampires)
* Atom Age Vampire (Italy 1960)
* Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (Australia 1974)
* Bat People(USA 1940, aka It Lives By Night)
* Batman (USA 1964)
* Batman Fights Dracula (Philippines 1967)
* Batula (USA 1952, puppets - Fearless Fosdick meets Dracula)
* Beast of Morocco (England 1966, aka Hand of Death)
* Beiss Mich, Leibling (West Germany 1970, aka Bite Me, Darling; Love Making Vampire Style)
* Beloved Vampire (USA 1917, Silent)
* The Best of Dark Shadows (USA 1965-71)
* Beverly Hills Vamp (USA 1989)
* Billy the Kid vs. Dracula (USA 1966)
* Bite (USA, soft-core porn)
* Black Day for Bluebeard (USA 1974)
* Black Sabbath (Italy 1963)
* Black Sunday (Italy 1961)
* The Black Vampire (1974)
* Black Vampire (USA 1988)
* Blacula (USA 1972)
* Blade (USA 1998) Wesley Snipes as Marvel Comic’s vampire hunter.
* Bloedverwanten (Netherlands)
* The Blonde Vampire (1922, Silent)
* Blood (USA 1974)
* Blood and Black Lace (1964)
* Blood and Roses (Italy 1961)
* Blood Bath (USA/Yugoslavia 1966, aka Track of the Vampire as TV movie)
* Blood Beast Terror, The (1967) aka Blood Beast from Hell, The Deathshead Vampire, Vampire-Beast Craves Blood
* Blood Ceremony (1973)
* The Blood Demon (W. Germany 1967)
* The Blood Drinkers (Philippines/USA 1966)
* Blood Fiend (England 1966, aka.Theatre of Death)
* Blood For Dracula (USA 1974, aka Andy Warhol’s Dracula)
* Blood Lust (1970)
* Blood Moon (Spain 1970, aka The Werewolf Vs. The Vampire Woman)
* The Blood of Dracula (USA 1957)
* The Blood of Dracula’s Castle (USA 1969)
* The Blood of Pontianak (1958)
* Blood of the Vampire (England 1958)
* Blood-Spattered Bride (Spain 1969 based on Carmilla)
* Blood Suckers from Outer Space (USA 1984)
* Blood Thirst (Philippines/USA 1965)
* The Bloodless Vampire (Philippines 1965)
* Bloodlust (USA 1968)
* Bloodsuckers (England,Greece 1971)
* Bloodsuckers (1998)
* Bloodsuckers From Outer Space(USA ?)
* Bloody Countess (West Germany 1973)
* Blue Sextet (USA 1971)
* Body Beneath (England 1970) aka Vampire’s Thirst
* Bongo Wolf’s Revenge (USA 1970)
* Bram Stoker’s Dracula (USA, Dir. Francis Ford Coppola, Winona Ryder, Gary Oldham, Anthony Hopkins, Keanu Reeves)
* Bram Stoker’s Original Dracula (? 1978)
* Brides of Dracula (England 1960, aka Brides of the Vampire)
* Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (USA 1992) The film that spawned the series.
* Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (USA TV Series, 1997-present) TV series starring Sarah Michelle Gellar as a vampire hunter.
* Bunnicula The Vampire Rabbit (USA)
* Bury Him Darkly (? 1974)
* aptain Kronos: Vampire Hunter (England 1972)
* Capulina Contra Los Vampiros (Mexico 1971)
* Carmilla (USA 1990)
* Carmilla (Sweden/Japan 1968)
* Carry On Screaming (England 1966 aka Screaming)
* Casa de los Espantos (Mexico 1963)
* he Case of the Full Moon Murders (USA 1974)
* Castle of Blood (Italy 1963, aka La Danza Macabra)
* Castle of Dracula (England 1968, An 8mm, 16-minute film about vampires)
* The Castle of the Living Dead (Italy/France 1964, aka Il Castello dei Morti Vivi aka Le Chateau des Morts Vivants)
* Cast A Deadly Spell (USA 1991, Made for TV movie based on Lovecraft Mythos)
* Casual Relations (USA 1973)
* Cave of the Living Dead (West Germany/Yugoslavia)
* Cemetery Girls (Spain 1972 aka The Velvet Vampire aka El Gran Amor del Conde Dracula)
* Ceneri E Vampe (Italy 1916, Silent)
* Ceremonia Sangrientia (Spain/Italy 1972)
* Chabelo Y Pepito Contra Los Monstruos (Mexico 1973)
* Chamber of Fear (Mexico/USA 1968, Cast.Boris Karloff (His last film role))
* Chanoc Contra El Tigre Y El Vampiro (Mexico 1970)
* Chappaqua (USA 1966)
* Chi O Suu Bara (Japan, aka The Evil of Dracula)
* Chi O Suu Ningyo (Japan 1970)
* Children of the Night (aka Daughters of Darkness)
* Chiosu Me (Japan 1970)
* Chosen Survivors (USA/Mexico 1974, Post-nuke survivors vs. vampire bats)
* Cinque Tombe Per un Medium (Italy/USA 1965)
* City of the Walking Dead (Italy,Radioactive cloud turns people into vampires, vampires win)
* Condemned To Live (USA 1935)
* Contes Immoraux (France 1969, aka Immoral Tales)
* The Corpse Vanishes (USA 1941, Bela Lugosi)
* Count Downe - Son of Dracula (England 1973, A horror Musical starring Ringo Starr)
* Count Dracula (Italy/Spain/Germany 1970, Christopher Lee as Dracula, Klaus Kinski as Renfield)
* Count Dracula (England/USA 1978, BBC/WNET TV, Louis Jourdan)
* Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride (England 1973, aka The Satanic Rites of Dracula)
* Count Dracula, The True Story (Canada 1979, Documentary on Vlad Tepes, filmed in Romania)
* Count Erotica, Vampire (USA 1971)
* Count Yorga, Vampire (USA 1970)
* Countess Dracula (England 1970, based on Countess Elizabeth Bathory)
* The Crime Doctor’s Courage (USA 1945)
* The Curse of Dracula (USA 1957)
* The Curse of Dracula (USA 1979 - A collection of weekly serial episodes from NBC TV’s Cliffhangers, Michael Nouri as Dracula)
* Curse of the Undead (USA 1959)
* Curse of the Vampires (Philippines/USA 1970 aka Creatures of Evil, aka Blood of the Vampires)
* Crypt of the Living Dead (1973) aka Hannah, Queen of the Vampires, Vampire Woman, Vampire Women, Young Hannah: Queen of the Vampires

* Dakki, the Vampire (Japan 1936)
* Dance of the Damned (USA 1989)
* Dance of the Vampires (see The Fearless Vampire Killers)
* Danse Vampiresque (Denmark 1912, Silent, aka Vampire Dance The Vampire Dancer)
* Dark Shadows (USA 1968 TV Series, Johnathan Frid)
* Dark Shadows (USA TV Series, 199?, Ben Cross)
* Darkness (USA 1992, 100 extras, 30 locations, 300 gallons of fake blood and exploding heads)
* Daughter of Darkness (USA 1990, TV movie)
* Daughters of Darkness (Belgium/France/W.Germany/Spain 1971, pornography)
* Daughter of Dr. Jekyll (USA 1957)
* De Dodes 0 (Denmark 1913, Silent, aka Island of the Dead, Isle of the Dead)
* Dead of Night (USA 1976, Screenplay.Richard Matheson, Synopsis.anthology including “No Such Thing as a Vampire”)
* Dead Men Walk (USA 1942, aka Creatures of the Devil)
* Deafula (USA 1975, The movie dialogue is done in sign language for deaf audiences)
* Death on a Barge (USA 1973, Dir. Leonard Nimoy, NBC TV)
* Death of P’Town (USA 1963, a seven minute, 16mm film featuring a homosexual vampire)
* Deathmaster (USA 1971)
* Deathship (USA 1980)
* Def By Temptation (USA 1990)
* Dendam Pontianak (Malaya 1957)
* Der Fluch der Grunen Augen (West Germany/Yugoslavia 1965)
* Desire, the Vampire (USA ?, aka I, Desire)
* The Devil Bat (USA 1940)
* The Devil Bat’s Daughter (USA 1946)
* The Devil is not Mocked (USA 1972, NBC TV - Night Gallery)
* The Devil’s Commandment (Italy 1956)
* Devil’s Daughter, The (1915)
* The Devil’s Mistress (USA 1966)
* The Devil’s Wedding Night (Spain 1973, aka El Retorno de la Drequessa Dracula, aka Countess Dracula)
* Devils of Darkness (England 1965)
* Dick and the Demons (USA 1974, Slapstick, pornographic comedy in the style of Abbott & Costello)
* Die Zartlichkeit der Wolfe (West Germany 1973)
* Die Zwolfte Stunde (Germany 1922)
* Dinner With the Vampire (Italian)
* Dir Schlangengrube und Das Pendel (West Germany 1967,.Christopher Lee, Lex Barker, aka The Blood Demon)
* Disciple of Death (USA 1972)
* Disciples of Dracula (USA 1975)
* Diversions (Great Britain 1976, Virtually plotless depiction of a woman’s erotic fantasies which include a vampire)
* Does Dracula Really Suck (aka Dracula and the Boys)
* Dr. Blood’s Coffin
* Dr. Terror’s Gallery of Horrors (USA 1967 aka Gallery of Horrors aka The Witch’s Clock aka The Blood Suckers aka The Blood Drinkers aka Return from the Past)
* Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors (England 1964)
* Dracula (England 1969, Denholm Elliot as Dracula)
* Dracula (USA 1957, NBC Television, John Carradine as Dracula)
* Dracula (England 1958, aka Horror of Dracula)
* Dracula (USA 1973, Jack Palance as Dracula made for CBS TV)
* Dracula (Canada 1973, made for Canadian Broadcasting System)
* Dracula (1976, Animated using the characters of Frank Frazetta)
* Dracula (Andy Warhol version, see Blood For Dracula)
* Dracula (USA 1931,.Bela Lugosi as Dracula, Dwight Frye as Renfield)
* Dracula (USA 1931, Spanish language version)
* Dracula (England 1972, Christopher Lee as Dracula)
* Dracula (1979, Frank Langella as Dracula)
* Dracula (Louis Jordan version)
* Dracula (Japanese Anime)
* Dracula 2000 (USA 2000)
* Dracula (Russia 1920, Silent)
* Dracula: A Cinematic Scrapbook (USA 1991, Compilation of trailers for Dracula movies, B&W and Color)
* Dracula and Son (? 1979, Christopher Lee)
* Dracula and the Boys (aka Does Dracula Really Suck)
* The Dracula Business (England 1974, documentary)
* Dracula Contra El Dr. Frankenstein (Spain/France 1971)
* Dracula Exotica (USA 1981 - Porn starring Vanessa Del Rio,Jamie Gillis, Samantha Fox)
* Dracula, Father and Son (France 1976 aka Dracula, Pere et Fils)
* Dracula Goes to R.P. (Philippines 1974)
* Dracula Has Risen From the Grave (England 1968)
* Dracula in Italy (Italy 1975)
* Dracula in the House of Horrors (? 1974)
* Dracula in the Realm of Terror (USA 1972 - never made)
* Dracula in the Year 2000 (USA 1972 - never made)
* Dracula Meets the Outer Space Chicks (USA 1968)
* Dracula, Pere et Fils (France 1976, Christopher Lee, Bernard Menez)
* Dracula, Prince of Darkness (England 1965 Christopher Lee as Dracula)
* Dracula Returns (France 1969, this film may not have been made)
* Dracula Rises From the Coffin (Korea 1982)
* Dracula Rising (USA ?, Christopher Atkins)
* Dracula Rocks (England 1979, A horror musical)
* Dracula Saga (Spain 1972, aka La Saga de los Draculas aka Dracula’s All Night Orgy)
* Dracula Sucks (USA 1969, pornography)
* Dracula Sucks (USA 1979, Jaime Gillis as Dracula, porn)
* Dracula Tan Exarchia (Greece)
* Dracula Today (England 1971,Dir.Alan Gibson,Cast.Christopher Lee, aka Dracula AD 1972)
* Dracula (The Dirty Old Man) (USA 1969, pornographic)
* Dracula Vs. Dr. Frankenstein (? 1974)
* Dracula Vs. Frankenstein (USA 1971, Lon Chaney Jr., J. Carrol Naish)
* Dracula Vs. the Beasts of Zarcon (USA 1972 - never made)
* Dracula Vs. the Terror of Atlantis (USA 1972 - never made)
* Dracula Walks the Night (England 1972, Christopher lee, Peter Cushing, Jack Palance, Barbara Shelley, Michael Gough)
* Dracula’s Baby (USA 1970, Prod.Andy Warhol, A vampire musical)
* Dracula’s Blood (? 1974)
* Dracula’s Castle, Or, Will the Real Count Dracula Please Stand Up? (USA 1971)
* Dracula’s Daughter (USA 1936, Gloria Holden, Otto Kruger, Edward Van Sloan, Nan Grey)
* Dracula’s Dog (USA 1975,aka Zoltan, Hound of Dracula)
* Dracula’s Feast of Blood (England 1974)
* Dracula’s Great Love (Spain 1972, Paul Naschy)
* Dracula’s Last Rites (USA 1980 aka Last Rites)
* Dracula’s Lusterne Vampire (Switzerland 1970)
* Dracula’s Wedding Day (USA 1967)
* Dracula’s Widow (USA 1988, Dir.Christopher Coppola)
* Dracula’s Wife
* Dragstrip Dracula (USA 1962, amateur film)
* Dragula (USA 1973, Supposedly deals with a transvestite, homosexual vampire)
* Drakula (Hungary 1921, Silent)
* Drakula Istanbulda (Turkey 1952, Atif Kaptan as Dracula, aka Dracula in Istanbul)
* Drakulita (Philippines 1969)
* Dungeon Master> (USA 1968)
* El Ataud del Vampiro (Mexico 1959)
* El Baul Macabro (Mexico 1936)
* El Castillo de los Monstruos (Mexico 1957)
* El Charro de las Calaveras (Mexico 1966)
* El Conde Dracula (Spain/Italy/West Germany/England 1970, Christopher Lee, Herbert Lom)
* El Extran~o Amor de los Vampiros (Spain, aka Strange Love of the Vampires)
* El Fantasma de la Operetta (Argentino 1955)
* El Gran Amor Del Conde Dracula (Spain 1972)
* El Imperio de Dracula (Mexico 1967)
* El Mundo de los Vampiros (Mexico 1960, aka World of the Vampires)
* El Retorno De Los Vampiros (Spain 1972)
* El Vampiro (Mexico 1957)
* El Vampiro Aechecha (Mexico 1962)
* El Vampiro de la Autopista (Spain 1970)
* El Vampiro Negro (Argentina 1953 aka The Black Vampire)
* El Vampiro Sagriento (Mexico 1961
* El Vampiro y el Sexo (Mexico 1968)
* Embrace of the Vampire (USA 1994) aka Nosferatu Diaries: Embrace of the Vampire
* The Emissary (From a story by Ray Bradbury)
* Enchen me al Vampiro (Mexico 1964)
* Ercole al Centro della Terra (Italy 1961)
* Erotikill (Spain 1981)
* Escala en HI-FI (Spain 1963, musical comedy with nightmare sequence in Castle Dracula)
* Every Home Should Have One (England 1970, Marty Feldman, Shelly Berman, MADE FOR TV)
* The Evil of Dracura (Japan 1975)
* The Evil Touch (USA 1974)
* Evils of the Night (USA 1985 Neville Brand, Aldo Ray, John Carradine, Tina Louise, Julie Newmar, Karrie Emerson)
* The Eye of Count Flickenstein (USA 1966, short subject, Dracula parody)
# Face of Marble (USA 1946 John Carradine)
# Fantasmagorie (France 1963)
# The Fearless Vampire Killers or: Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are in My Neck (England 1967, Dir.Roman Polanski)
# Female of the Species (1916)
# First Man Into Space (England 1958)
# Fools (USA 1970 An aging horror film star who played vampire roles falls in love with a much younger woman)
# The Forest Vampires (1914, Silent)
# Forever Knight (USA, TV series)
# The Forsaken (USA 2001) aka Forsaken: Desert Vampires
# Frankenstein Meets Dracula (USA 1957, amateur film 16mm)
# Frankenstein, El Vampiro y Cia (Mexico 1961)
# Fright Night (France 1985) aka Vampire, vous avez dit vampire?
# Fright Night (USA 1986) Horror-Comedy with Roddy McDowall as vampire hunter
# Fright Night II (USA 1988)
# From Dusk Til Dawn (USA 1996) Dir: Quentin Tarantino
# The Funeral (USA 1972, Screenplay.Richard Matheson)
# Ganja And Hess (USA 1973 aka Blood Couple)
# Gebissen Wird Nur Nachts - Happening Der Vampire (West Germany 1971)
# Gandy Goose in the Ghost Town (USA 1944 animated color)
# Garu, The Mad Monk (England 1970)
# Gayracula (gay vampire movie)
# Go For a Take (England 1972)
# Goliath and the Vampires (Italy 1964)
# Graf Dracula Beisst Jetzt in Oberbayern (Germany, aka Dracula Blows His Cool)
# Grandpa’s Monster Movies (USA 1988, previews of monster movies)
# Grave of the Vampire (USA 1972)
# Graveyard Shift (USA 1986)
# The Green Monster (Italy 1974, features a “Dracula” character)
# The Groovy Goolies (USA 1970,CBS TV,animated cartoon series)
# Guess What Happened To Count Dracula (USA 1969)
# Hannah, Queen of the Vampires (Turkey/USA 1972)
# Hanno Cambiato Faccia (Italy 1971)
# The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula (USA 1977)
# Hercules vs. the Vampires (1961) aka Ercole al centro della terra, Hercules at the Center of the Earth, Hercules in the Haunted World, Vampires vs. Hercules, With Hercules to the Center of the Earth, Vampire gegen Herakles
# High Priest of Vampires (England 1971 Hammer Films)
# The Hilarious House of Frightenstein (USA 1974, KTLA TV)
# The Horrible Orgies of Count Dracula, Or, Black Magic…Rites…
# Reincarnations (Italy 1972 - may not have been made)
# Horror of the Blood Monster (USA 1970) John Carradine, aka Blood Monster, Creatures of the Prehistoric Planet, Creatures of the Red Planet, Cry of the Wolf, Flesh Creatues of the Red Planet, The Flesh Creatures, Horror Creatures of the Lost Planet, Horror Creatures of the Prehistoric Planet, Horror Creatures of the Red Planet, Night of the Wolf, Space Mission of the Lost Planet, Space Mission of the Prehistoric Planet, Space Mission to the Lost Planet, Vampire Men of the Lost Planet
# Horror of Dracula (England 1958, Christopher Lee as Dracula, Peter Cushing as Van Helsing) One of the classic and best Hammer Horror Films.
# Horror of Dracula (USA 1966, amateur film)
# The Horror of It All (England 1964, Pat Boone - believe it or not)
# Horroritual (USA 1972, Introductory short film, reciting the ‘pledge’ of the Count Dracula Society, shown as a preview of “Dracula Today”
# Hotel Macabre (England 1976, Vincent Price)
# House of Dark Shadows (USA 1970, original Dark Shadows cast)
# House of Dracula (USA 1945, sequel to House of Frankenstein)
# House of Dracula’s Daughter (USA 1973 Peter Lorre, Jr., John Carradine, David Carradine)
# House of Frankenstein (USA 1944, Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney,Jr., John Carradine, Elena Verdugo)
# House on Bare Mountain (USA 1962, one of the first ‘nude’ horror films, the vampire is a fake)
# The House That Dripped Blood (England 1971)
# How They Became Vampires (? 1973)
# Howling VI: The Freaks (USA 1990)
# The Hunger (USA 1983.Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie, Susan Sarandon)
# Huphyokwi Yango (Korea, aka The Vengeful Vampire Girl)
# I Am Legend (USA 1974, From the Richard Matheson novel)
# I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle (England 1990)
# I, Desire (made for TV, but theatrically released as Desire, the Vampire)
# I Like Bats (Poland mid-70’s. Woman thinks she is a vampire, but is not sure and is committed to an asylum - comedy)
# I Married a Vampire (USA 1983)
# I Was A Teenage Vampire (USA 1959, amateur film)
# I, The Vampire (Spain 1972, Paul Naschy, Christopher Lee)
# Il Mostro dell’Opera (Italy, aka Vampire of the Opera)
# Il Plenilunio swllw Vergine (Italy, aka Full Moon of the Virgins)
# Il Risviglio di Dracula (Italy 1968 aka The Revival of Dracula)
# Il Vampiro Dell’Opera (Italy 1962)
# Immoral Tales (France 1969 Anthology of four stories, pornographic & bloody.)
# In Search of Dracula (Documentary)
# In the Grip of the Vampire (France 1913, Silent)
# The Innerview (USA 1973, An amateur film, includes scenes from Dracula)
# Innocent Blood (USA 1992, Dir. John Landis, Anthony LaPaglia, Anne Parillaud, Robert Loggia.) One of the better recent films with vampires, though a bit tongue-in-cheek.
# An Innocent Vampire (1916, Silent)
# Insomnia (France 1965)
# Interview With the Vampire (USA 1994) From the trilogy by Anne Rice, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise.
# Is There a Vampire in the House? (? 1972)
# Isabell, A Dream (Italy 1958)
# Isle of the Dead (USA 1945 Boris Karloff)
# It Lives Again (USA 1978 Sequel to It’s Alive)
# It Lives By Night (USA 1973)
# It’s Alive! (USA 1974)
# It’s Alive III: Island of the Alive (USA 1986)
# It! The Terror From Beyond Space (USA 1958)
# I Vampiri (Italy 1956)
# The Jail Break (USA 1946, Mighty Mouse cartoon, Dracula breaks jail)
# Jerry and the Vampire (USA 1917, Silent)
# Johnathan, Vampire Sterben Nicht (West Germany 1970)
# Jupiter (France 1971)

* Kali: Devil Bride of Dracula (England 1975 .Hammer Films)
* Killer Klowns From Outer Space (USA 1988)
* Kiss Me Quick (USA 1963)
* Kiss of the Vampire (1915, Silent)
* Kiss of the Vampire (England 1963)
* Kronos (England 1972, Hammer Films, Horst Janson, aka Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter, Vampire Castle)
* Kuroneko (Japan 1968)
* Kyuketsu Ga (Japan 1956, aka The Vampire Moth)
* Kyuketsu Gokemidoro (Japan 1968)
* La Bestia Desnuda (Mexico 1968 aka The Nude Beast)
* La Danza Macabra (Italy 1963)
* La Fee Sanguinaire (Belgium 1968 A short sexploitation film featuring a vampire)
* La Fille De Dracula (France/Spain/Portugal 1972, aka The Daughter of Dracula; La Hija de Dracula, Contemporary rendition of Camille)
* La Huella Macabra (Mexico 1962, vampire children)
* La Invasion de los Muertos (Mexico 1972)
* La Invasion de los Vampiros (Mexico 1962)
* La Llamada del Vampiro (Spain 1971)
* La Maldicion de los Karnsteins (Italy/Spain Christopher Lee)
* La Maldicion de Nostradamus (Mexico 1960)
* La Marca del Hombre Lobo (Mexico 1968)
* La Maschera del Demonio (Italy 1960 aka Black Sunday)
* La Messe Nere Della Contessa Dracula (Italy 1972, Paul Naschy)
* La Nipote Del Vampiro (Spain/Italy 1969)
* La Noche de Todos de Horrores (Spain 1973, Pual Naschy, Announced, but never made?)
* La Noche de Walpurgis (Spain/West Germany 1970)
* La Notte Dei Diavolli (Italy/Spain 1971)
* La Saga De Los Draculas (Spain 1972 aka The Saga of the Draculas)
* La Senal del Vampiro (1943, poss. Spanish version of Mark of the Vampire)
* La Sorciere Vampire (West Germany 1967, aka The Vampire Witch)
* La Sombra del Murcielago (Mexico 1966)
* La Sorella Di Satana (Italy/Yugoslavia 1965)
* La Stragi del Vampiri (Italy 1962)
* La Torre de Vampiri (Italy 1914, Silent, aka The Vampire’s Tower)
* La Vampira Indiana (Italy 1913, Silent,aka The Indian Vampire)
* La Vampire Nue (France 1969 aka Naked Vampire; Nude Vampire)
* Lady Dracula (? 1973)
* Lake of Dracula
* Las Luchadoras Contra La Momia (Mexico 1965)
* Las Vampiras (Mexico 1968 John Carradine)
* The Latest in Vampires (1916, Silent)
* The Lemon Grove Kids Meet the Green Grasshopper and the Vampire Lady from Outer Space (USA 1963)
* Le Circuit De Sang (France 1973, aka Blood Circuit)
* Le Frisson des Vampires (France 1970)
* Le Manior du Diable (France 1897, Silent, aka The Devil’s Castle, The Devil’s Manor, The Manor of the Devil, Le Chateau Haunte, The Haunted Chateau, The House of the Devil)
* Le Nosferat ou les eaux Glacees du Calcul Egoiste (Belgium)
* Le Puits Fantastique (France 1903 ,Silent, Dir.Georges Melies, aka The Enchanted Well)
* Le Rouge aux Levres (Belgium/France/West Germany/Italy 1970)
* Le Sadique Aux Dents Rouge (France 1971)
* Le Sangre de Nostradamus (Mexico 1960)
* Le Vampire (France 1923, semi-documentary on the undead)
* Le Vampire de Dusseldorf (France/Italy/Spain 1964, a remake of the Fritz Lang film “M” about a serial killer)
* Legend of a Ghost (1908, Silent, about a girl’s trip to hell and her battles there with vampires and dragons)
* Les Chemins de la Violence (France 1972)
* Les Femmes Vampires (France 1967)
* L’Amante del Vampiro (Italy 1962 aka The Vampire and the Ballerina)
* L’Amanti D’Oltretomba (Italy 1965)
* The Last Man on Earth (USA/Italy 1964, Vincent Price)
* Last Rites (USA 1980 aka Dracula’s Last Rites)
* The Leech Woman (USA 1960)
* Legacy of Satan (USA 1973)
* Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires (Hong Kong 1975 aka Dracula and the Seven Golden Vampires, vampire kung-fu)
* Leonor (France, Italy, Spain 1975,14th Century pact with the Devil brings a man’s wife back to life–at a cost!)
* Les Vampires (France 1915, Silent, Irma Vep, Paul Poiret, Juliet Musidoro, Edmund Mathe)
* Let’s Scare Jessica To Death (USA 1971 Mariclare Costello as the vampire)
* Levres de Sang (France 1976)
* Lifeforce (USA 1985, aka The Space Vampires)
* Lilith and Ly (Austria 1919. Silent)
* The Little Shop of Horrors (USA 1960, Dir.Roger Corman)
* The Little Vampire (West Germany 1969)
* The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue (UK 1974)
* London After Midnight (USA 1927, Dir.Tod Browning, Lon Chaney)
* Love Bites (USA 1988 gay erotic spoof about vampire who falls for vampire hunter)
* The Lost Boys (USA 1987, Dir.Joel Schumacher)
* The Lost Platoon
* Love After Death (Mexico 1969 aka The Vampire of New York; De Vampier Van New York; Le Vampire de New York)
* Love at First Bite (USA 1979, George Hamilton, Arte Johnson as Renfield, Susan St. James)
* Love at Second Bite (USA, George Hamilton, Susan St. James)
* Loves of Irena (Porn aka Loves of Ivana)
* Love Life of a Vampire (? 1973, May be the same as the “The Mad Love Life of a Hot Vampire”)
* Love…Vampire Style (West Germany 1971)
* L’Ultima Preda del Vampiro (Italy 1960)
* L’Ultimo Uomo Della Terra (see Last Man on Earth)
* L’Urlo del Vampiro (Italy 1962,Dir.T. Fec)
* Lust at First Bite (pornography)
* Lust for a Vampire (England/USA 1971 sequel to The Vampire Lovers)
* Lust for a Vampire (USA 1970)
* The Lust of Dracula (1971, Supposedly an “underground” sex film)
* Lust of the Vampire (USA 1967)
* Maciste Contro Il Vampiro (Italy 1961)
* Madhouse (England 1974 Peter Cushing)
* Mad, Mad, Mad Monsters (USA 1972 ABC TV, TV cartoon Dracula attends monster wedding with son Boobula)
* The Mad Love Life of a Hot Vampire (1971, An “underground” sex film)
* Mad Monster Party (England 1967, Dir. Jules Bass, animated)
* The Magic Christian (England 1969, Peter Sellers, Ringo Starr, Christopher Lee as the “ship’s vampire”)
* Malikmata (Philippines 1967)
* Mama Dracula (USA 1988)
* The Man Upstairs (From a story by Ray Bradbury, Beacon Videocassettes)
* Mark of the Vampire (USA 1935, Dir.Tod Browning, Lionel Barrymore, Bela Lugosi, Lionel Atwill)
* Martin (USA 1977, Dir.George A. Romero, John Amplas, Lincoln Maazel)
* Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary (Mexico/USA 1975, John Carradine)
* Marx Brothers’ Dracula (USA ?, The Marx Brothers, Margaret Dumont, Never released but pirated copies do exist)
* Men of Action Meet Women of Dracula (Philippines 1969)
* Memorias de una Vampiresa (Mexico 1945)
* Messiah of Evil (USA 1974, aka The Second Coming)
* Mickey’s Gala Premier (USA 1933, 7 minutes, the mouse meets Dracula)
* The Midnight Hour (USA 1986)
* Mighty Mouse Meets Bad Bill Bunion (USA 1945, cartoon - Dracula is in it)
* Mini-Munsters (USA 1973, ABC TV, animated cartoon)
* Mondo Balordo (Italy 1968, English narration by Boris Karloff, aka Mondo Keyhole)
* The Monster Club (USA 1981?, Vincent Price, John Carradine, Donald Pleasance, Stuart Whitman, Britt Eklund, Simon Ward)
* Monster in the Closet (USA? 1987, Donald Grant, Denise DuBarry, Claude Akins, Henry Gibson, John Carradine, Stella Stevens)
* Monster Rumble (USA 1961, amateur film)
* The Monster Squad (USA 1987) Silly but fun film with Duncan Reghr as Dracula.
* Moonrise (New Zealand 1992)
* Morning Star (USSR 1962 filmed ballet of a prince’s seduction by a vampire)
* Munster, Go Home! (USA 1966, Fred Gwynne, Butch Patrick) TV Film based on the TV Series, The Munsters.
* Munsters, The (USA TV Series, Fred Gwynne, Butch Patrick). Both Lily and Grandpa are vampires with guest appearances by other vamps during the series.
* Mutant (USA 1983)
* Mutanto, the Horrible (West Germany 1961)
* Mister Vampire (USA 1916, Silent)
* Mr. Vampire (Hong Kong 1986, hopping vampire horror-comedy and martial arts, Cantonese with English subtitles)
* Mr. Vampire, Saga Two (Hong Kong 198?)
* Mr. Vampire, Saga Three (Hong Kong 198?)
* Mutt and Jeff Visit the Vampire (USA 1918, Silent, Theda Bara)
* My Best Friend is a Vampire (USA 1988)
* The Mysteries of Myra (USA 1916, Silent, Howard Estabrook, Jean Southern, Mike Rale, Allen Murname, Bessie Wharton)
* The Mystery in Dracula’s Castle (USA 1973)
* Nacht des Grauens (Germany 1916, Silent, Emil Jannings, Werner Kraus, aka A Night of Horror)
* National Lampoon’s Class Reunion (USA ?, comedy, one of the ‘classmates’ is a closet vampire)
* Near Dark (USA 1987 Lance Hendriksen. Directed by Katherine Bigelow, this is a ‘Must-See’)
* Neighbors From Hell (Hong Kong 199?)
* Nella Stretta Morsa Del Ragno (Italy/France/West Germany 1971)
* Ng Manugang ni Drakila (Philippines 1964, aka The Secrets of Dracula)
* Nick Knight (USA 1989 made for TV movie)
* Night Angel (USA 1990 Isa Anderson as Lilith)
* The Night Stalker (USA 1972, made for TV movie)
* Nightland (USA ?, Policeman turns vampire)
* NightLife (Mexico/USA 1989, made for TV)
* Nightmare in Blood (USA 1976,)
* Nightwing (USA 1978)
* Night of Dark Shadows (USA 1971)
* Night of the Devils (Italy? 1987)
* Night of the Walking Dead (Spain 1975)
* Night of the Sorcerers (Spain 1971)
* The Night Strangler (USA 1972, Dir.Dan Curtis, sequel to The Night Stalker)
* The Nightmare Sisters (USA? 1988, Linnea Quigley)
* Nocturna (USA 1978, John Carradine,Yvonne De Carlo)
* Nostradamus y el Genio de la Tinieblas (Mexico 1960)
* Nosferatu (Germany 1922, Silent, subtitled A Symphony of Horror, Max Schreck as Nosferatu)
* Nosferatu (Germany 1922, subtitled A Symphony of Horror, Max Schreck as Nosferatu, dubbed version of the silent film)
* Nosferatu the Vampire (Germany 1979, Klaus Kinski as Nosferatu)
* Not of This Earth (USA? 1988, Traci Lords, Arthur Toberts, remake of 50’s Roger Corman film)
* Old Dracula (England 1974 aka Vampira)
* Old Mother Riley Meets the Vampire (England 1952)
* The Omega Man (USA 1971) Charlton Heston as the last surviving human on Earth taken over by vampires.
* Once Bitten (USA 1985) Jim Carrey as the virgin victim of Lauren Hutton.
* Onna Kyu Ketsuki (Japan 1959 aka Male Vampire)
* Orgy of the Dead (USA 1966)
* Orlak, El Infierno de Frankenstein (Mexico 1961)
* Out For Blood (Synopsis.soft-core pornography)
* Pa Jakt Efter Dracula (Sweden 1971)
* Pale Blood: An Erotic Vampire Thriller (USA 1990)
* Parque de Juegos (Spain 1963 from a story by Ray Bradbury, aka Park of Games)
* Pastel de Sangre (Spain 1971)
* Paul Bowles In Morocco (USA 1971, Documentary about Morocco with an interview with “Mr. Smith”, the Vampire of Tangiers)
* Pawns of Satan (USA 1961, amateur film - 7 minutes)
* Pity For The Vamps (1956)
* Plan Nine From Outer Space (USA 1956, arguably the worst film ever made…infamous as the last role of Bela Lugosi, who died during the filming. The original scenes of Lugosi were intended for a film entitled “The Vampire’s Tomb”. When Lugosi died, whatever footage was available was spliced into this film and a double with a cape held over his face filled in the rest of the scenes.)
* Planet of the Vampires (Italy/Spain 1965)
* Playgirls and the Vampire
* A Polish Vampire in Burbank (USA 1985)
* Pontianak (Singapore 1957)
* Pontianak Gua Musang (Malaya 1964,Dir.B.N. Rao,aka The Vampire of the Civet-cat Cave,Cast.Suraya Haron)
* Pontianak Kembali (Malaya 1963,Dir.Ramon Estellia, aka The Vampire Returns,Cast.Maria Menado,Malik Selamat)
* Preview Murder Mystery (USA 1936,Dir.Robert Florey)
* Prince Dracula (USA 1978,Prod.Benjamin Melnicker,Richard K. Rosenberg, Screenplay.NIck Felix,Synopsis.comedy)
* The Public Eye (England 1973 Includes scenes from “Brides of Dracula”)
* Queen of Blood (USA 1966, John Saxon)
* Rabid (USA? 1977 Marilyn Chambers, Joe Silver, Patricia Gage, Cronenberg cult favorite)
* Red Blooded American Girl (USA 1990)
* Red Sleep (USA 1992, Hip-hop Vampire Movie)
* The Reflecting Skin (England-Canada 1990, in 1950’s, a boy thinks the widow next door is a vampire)
* The Reluctant Vampire (USA 1992 Adam Ant, Judy Tenuta)
* Rendevous (USA 1973, Includes scenes from vampire movies set to music)
* A Return to Salem’s Lot (USA 1987)
* The Return of Count Yorga (USA 1971)
* The Return of Dracula (USA 1957)
* The Return of the Vampire (USA 1943, Bela Lugosi, Frieda Inescort, Nina Foch)
* The Return Of Dr. X (USA 1939, Humphrey Bogart as the Vampire!)
* The Revenge of Dracula (USA 1958, amateur)
* Rock and Roll Wrestling Women Vs. the Aztec Mummy
* Rockula (USA 1974 vampire musical)
* (USA 1990)
* Sabrina, The Teenaged Witch (USA 1971, animated cartoon series featuring vampire and other monsters)
* Sabrina, The Teenage Witch (USA, 1999-present, TV series with occasional vampire guest stars)
* Saint George and the Seven Curses (USA 1961 Basil Rathbone, a vampire is one of the curses)
* Salem’s Lot: The Movie (USA 1979, Made for TV based on the Stephen King novel, James Mason, David Soul, Lance Kerwin, Bonnie Bedelia, Lew Ayres)
* Sangre de Virgines (Argentina 1967)
* Santo Contra El Baron Brakula (Mexico 1965,Dir.Jose Diaz Morales)
* Santo en la Venganza de las Mujeres Vampiro (Mexico 1968)
* Santo Y Blue Demon Contra Dracula Y El Hombre Lobo (Mexico 1972)
* Santo Y Blue Demon Contra los Munstruos (Mexico 1968)
* Satan’s Black Wedding
* The Satanic Rites of Dracula (see Count Dracula and his Vampire Bride)
* Saturday the Fourteenth (USA 1981) Saturday the Fourteenth Strikes Back Scariest Moments From Dark Shadows
* Saved From the Vampire (1914, Silent)
* Scars of Dracula (England 1970)
* Science Fiction Films (USA 1970, Tour of the “Ackermansion” in California, home of Forrest J. Ackerman, featuring memorablia from some of the Dracula films)
* Scream and Scream Again (USA 1970, Vincent Price)
* Scream, Blacula, Scream (USA 1973, William Marshall)
* The Secret Sex Life of Dracula (USA 1972, announced but never made)
* The Secrets of House No. 5 (Russia 1912, Silent, Reportedly a detective drama with vampires)
* Seddock, L’Erede di Satana (Italy 1960)
* Seven Dead in the Cat’s Eyes (Italy/France/West Germany 1972)
* Seven Brothers Meet Dracula (Hong Kong 1974, Peter Cushing, David Chiang, Julie Ege)
* Sexy Probitissimo (Italy 1964)
* Sexyrella (France 1968, A sexploitation film featuring vampires)
* Shadow of Dracula (Canada 1973)
* Shadow of the Vampire (2000 - about Max Schreck and the making of Nosferatu)
* She Was Some Vampire (1916, Silent)
* Shikari (India 1964)
* The Shiver of the Vampire (? 1972, May be retitling of “Le Frisson de Vampires”)
* Shock Treatment (? 1974, Insane asylum run by vampires)
* Slave of the Vampire (USA 1959, amateur)
* Sleepwalkers (USA 1992,Writer.Stephen King, Alice Krige, Brian Krause)
* Son of Dracula (USA 1943)
* Song of the Vampyres (USA 1977 rock musical)
* Sons of Satan (USA 1973 Homosexually oriented film satire of the 1940’s horror films)
* Space Ship Sappy (USA 1957, The Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Joe Besser), Doreen Woodbury)
* Spermula (France 1976 Dale Haddon as Spermula, Udo Kier, a pornographic horror film in which female vampires feed on sperm instead of blood)
* The Spider Woman Strikes Back (USA 1946)
* Spooks Run Wild (USA 1941, Bela Lugosi, Leo Gorcey Huntz Hall, Angelo Rossito, aka Ghosts on the Loose, aka The Bowery Boys Meet Dracula)
* Slaughter of the Vampires (Italy 1971 Walter Brandy)
* Subspecies (USA/Romania 1991, Anders Hove, Michael Watson)
* Sumpah Pontianak (Malaya 1958, Maria Menado)
* Sundown, Vampires in Retreat (USA 1989, John Carradine)
* Super-Giant 2(Japan 1956 aka Spacemen Against the the Vampire from Space)
* The Sweetness of Sin (France 1968, based on a work by Alexandre Dumas)
* Tale of a Vampire(Great Britain 1992, Julian Sands, Suzanna Hamilton) Watch it online! (broadband connection recommended)
* Tales of Blood and Terror (USA/England 1969)
* A Taste of Blood (USA 1967)
* Taste the Blood of Dracula (England 1970)
* Teen Vamp (USA 1988)
* Tempi Duri per i Vampiri (Italy 1959, aka Hard Times for Vampires, Christopher Lee)
* Tendre Dracula, Ou Les Confessions D’un Buveur de Sang (France 1973, Peter Cushing, Louis Trintignant)
* Terror of Pontianak (Malaya 1958)
* Terror in the Crypt
* The Thing from Another World (USA 1951)
* Thirst (Australia 1979, Chantal Contouri, David Hemmings, Henry Silva)
* The Thirsty Dead (Philippines/USA 1975)
* They Thirst
* Those Cruel and Bloody Vampires (Spain 1973)
* Till Death (USA 1972)
* To Die For (USA 1989)
* To Die For II: Son of Darkness (USA 1991, Rosalind Allen, Steve Bond, Scott Jacoby, Michael Praed, Jay Underwood, Amanda Wyss, Remy O’Neill, Note.The title on the video box and as displayed on the screen are opposite, that is, Son of Darkness: To Die For II is the screen title)
* To Oblige a Vampire (1917, Silent)
* To Sleep With A Vampire (USA 1992, Scott Valentine, Charles Spradling)
* Tore Ng Diyablo (Philippines 1969 aka Tower of the Devil)
* Tracked by a Vampire (1914, Silent)
* Transylvania 6-5000 (USA 1963 Bugs Bunny in Transylvania)
* Transylvania 6-5000 (USA/Yugoslavia 1985)
* Transylvania Twist (USA, 1990, Robert Vaughan, Teri Copley, Steve Altman, Angus Scrimm, Jay Robinson, Howard Morris)
* Tremplin (France 1969 television version of the Dracula stage play)
* A Trip With Dracula (1970)
* Tunnel Under the World (Italy 1970)
* Twins of Evil (England 1972 Peter Cushing, Kathleen Byron, Hammer)
* Ugetsu Monogatari (Japan)
* The Ugly Vampire (Japan 1968)
* The Understudy: The Graveyard Shift II (USA 1988)
* Universal Ike, Jr. and the Vampire (1914)
* Upior(Poland 1968 aka Vampire)
* Un Sonho de Vampiros (Brazil 1970)
* Un Vampiro para Dos (Spain 1966 aka A Vampire for Two)
* Vaarwhel (Holland 1973)
* Vadim’s Dracula (USA 1978)
* Valerie A Tyden Divn (Czechoslavakia 1970)
* Valley of the Zombies (USA 1946)
* Vamp (USA 1986 Grace Jones)
* Vampe di Gelosia (Italy 1912, Silent, aka The Vamp’s Jealousy)
* Vampir (Spain 1971, Christopher Lee)
* Vampira (England 1974, Dir.Clive Donner, David Niven, Teresa Graves, aka Old Dracula)
* Vampira (Philippines 1961)
* Vampirates (USA, 2001 - Tom Savini as Blackbeard (vampire) and Brinke Stevens as one of his brides. Unfortunately, never completed - a fun script though)
* Vampire (1920)
* Vampire (USA 1950)
* Vampire (USA 1967, Harrison Marks,Wendy Luton)
* Vampire (USA 1969)
* Vampire (1970, a horror/sex show)
* Vampire (USA 1979 made for TV)
* The Vampire (France 1914, Silent)
* The Vampire (1911, Silent)
* The Vampire (1912 Silent)
* The Vampire (USA 1913, Silent)
* The Vampire (1915, Silent)
* The Vampire (1920, Silent)
* The Vampire (USA 1928)
* The Vampire (Mexico 1957 first of the Mexican Monster Movies)
* The Vampire (USA 1957 aka The Mark of the Vampire)
* The Vampire (? 1973, based on the novel by John Polidori featuring the vampire, Lord Ruthven)
* The Vampire (USA 1974, ABC TV, Darren McGavin, Simon Oakland, part of the “Night Stalker”)
* Vampire 2000 (Italy 1972)
* Vampire a du Mode (France 1928 aka Vampire of the World
* Vampire Ambrose (1916)
* The Vampire and the Ballerina (see L’Amante del Vampiro)
* Vampire at Midnight (USA 1988, Greggor McClatchy)
* Vampire Bat (USA 1933, Lionel Atwill, Melvyn Douglas, Fay Wray)
* Vampire Beat
* Vampire Blues (1999)
* Vampire Carmilla, (1999)
* Vampire Centerfolds (1998)
* Vampire Child (1987)
* Vampire Child (1999)
* Vampire Circus (England 1972)
* Vampire Conspiracy (1995)
* Vampire Cop (USA 1991, soft core porn-action film)
* Vampire de Dusseldorf, Le (1965)
* Vampire Happening (USA 1971 Pia Dagermark, Betty Williams,Thomas Hunter)
* Vampire Holocaust (1997)
* Vampire Hookers (Philippines 1979) aka Cementary Girls, Ladies of the Night, Night of the Bloodsuckers, Sensuous Vampires, Twice Bitten
* Vampire Hunter D. (Japanese Anime)
* Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (Japanese Anime 2000)
* Vampire Hunters Club (2001)
* Vampire Journals (1997)
* Vampire Junction (2001)
* Vampire in Brooklyn (USA 1995) Eddie Murphy as a Vampire.
* Vampire Knights (1987)
* Vampire Lesbian Kickboxers (2000)
* Vampire Love (Hong Kong/Thailand 1957)
* Vampire Lovers (England 1970 Peter Cushing, Ingrid Pitt as Carmilla Karnstein)
* Vampire Lust For Blood (USA 1971, may not have been made)
* Vampire Men of the Lost Planet (USA 1970)
* Vampire Night (2000)
* The Vampire of Dusseldorf (France 1965)
* Vampire on Bikini Beach
* The Vampire of the Coast (USA 1909, Silent)
* The Vampire of the Desert (USA 1913, Silent)
* A Vampire Out of Work (1916, Silent)
* The Vampire People (Philippines 1966 aka.The Blood Drinkers)
* Vampire Playgirls
* The Vampire Princess Miyu (Japan 1988 Japanese animation - TV series)
* Vampire Raiders: Ninja Queen (1989)
* Vampire Seduction (1998) aka Vampire’s Seduction
* Vampire Time Travelers (1998)
* Vampire Trailer Park (1991)
* Vampire Vixens from Venus (1995)
* Vampire Vs. Sorcerer (1990)
* Vampire’s Bite (1972)
* Vampire’s Clutch (1915, Silent)
* Vampire’s Coffin (1957) aka L’Amante del vampiro
* Vampire’s Curse (USA 1969)
* A Vampire’s Dream (Brazil 1970, Ankito, Janet Chermont, Irma Alvarez as the vampire, an attempt to trace the family of Count Dracula to the present day - satire)
* Vampire’s Embrace (1991)
* Vampire’s Ghost (USA 1945, John Abbott, Grant Withers)
* Vampire’s Kiss (USA 1989) Nicholas Cage
* Vampire’s Love (USA 1969)
* A Vampire’s Nostalgia (Yugoslavia 1968)
* The Vampire’s Trail (USA 1910, Silent)
* The Vampire’s Trail (USA 1914, Silent, Alice Joyce)
* Vampirella (England 1974 Barbara Leigh)
* Vampires (USA 1998) aka John Carpenter’s Vampires
* Vampires D’Alfama (France 1963, animated short subject)
* Vampires of the Night (1914, Silent)
* Vampiresas (Spain 1930)
* The Vampire-Beast Craves Blood (England 1967)
* Vampirisme (France 1967)
* Vampyr (Fr/Ger. 1932, based on LeFanu’s “Carmilla” aka Castle of Doom) Watch it online! (broadband connection recommended)
* Vampyrdanserinden (Denmark 1911, Silent)
* Vampyres: The Lost Girls (England 1975 porn)
* Vampyrn (Sweden 1912, Silent,Victor Sjostrom)
* Vampyros Lesbos - Die Erbin Des Dracula (Germany/Spain 1970)
* Varney, The Vampire (USA 1975)
* Vasco, the Vampire (1914, Silent)
* Vault of Horror (England 1973, Dawn Adams, Tom Baker, Anthology of short stories including vampire tale)
* The Velvet Vampire (USA 1971, aka The Cemetary Girls)
* Vengeance of the Wurdalak (England/Spain 1973, Hammer Films, Peter Cushing, Paul Naschy)
* Vierges Et Vampires (France 1972 )
* VII (Soviet Union 1967 aka Vjj, aka Vampires, based on story by Nicolai Gogol)
* A Village Vampire (USA 1916, Silent)
* Virgin Vampire (West Germany 1970)
* Virgins and Vampires (aka Crazed Vampires, aka Caged Virgins)
* Vlad the Impaler (England 1973 Hammer Films)
* Voodoo Heartbeat (USA 1972)
* Vrijeme Vampira (Yugoslavia 1970, nine minute animated film)
* Wanda Does Transylvania (USA 1990 pornography)
* Wampiry Warszawy (Poland 1925, aka Vampires of Poland)
* Was She A Vampire? (USA 1915, Silent)
* Waxwork (USA 1988, Zach Galligan, Deborah Foreman, Patrick Macnee, Michelle Johnson, Miles O’Keefe, David Warner, John Rhys-Davies)
* Waxwork II: Lost in Time (USA 1991 Zach Galligan Alexander Gudonov, Monika Schnarre, Martin Kemp)
* The Wife and the Vampire (India 1931)
* Wendy Does Transylvania
* Werewolf Vs. the Vampire Woman
* Winter With Dracula (England 1971 Travelogue of Romania with reference to Vlad Tepes)
* World of Dracula
* World of the Vampires (Mexico 1960, see El Mundo de los Vampiros)
* Xi Xuefu (China, aka Vampire World)
* Zoltan, Hound of Dracula (USA 1978, aka Dracula’s Dog)

Da li ste gledali koji?

Last edited by on Thu Jan 20, 2011 9:49 am; edited 1 time in total

2 Re: Popis filmova o vampirima on Thu Jan 20, 2011 9:48 am

Quinn F.♡
Gledala asm samo 3..haha
Al ima jos nekih koje niste stavili..
Npr.,The last vampire (Vampire Blood),The Vampire Assistant...

"I'm Chuck Bass!" - Your argument is invalid.

3 Re: Popis filmova o vampirima on Mon Feb 14, 2011 2:55 pm

Fenty RR
*Mladi mjesec
*The last vampire (Vampire Blood)
*The Vampire Assistan

ovo sam gledala Wink

4 Re: Popis filmova o vampirima on Sun Feb 20, 2011 4:41 pm

*Mladi mjesec Smile

5 Re: Popis filmova o vampirima on Wed May 11, 2011 9:03 am

ja sam od nabrojanih gledala 10... xDD
ali kad ste već stavljali Underworld, zašto nema i prvi i treći dio?
već samo drugi...

Moji likovi:
Other side: Skylar Ameron- Sky
Vampire Diaries: Lexi
The danger is everywhere: Anna
Dream into clouds: Asha Villow
Guardian angel: Dorian

6 Re: Popis filmova o vampirima on Mon May 16, 2011 4:11 pm

ja sam ih gledala mozda oko 20 Very Happy

Prvi post je edit to su u biti svi filmovi o vampirima ikada Very Happy

7 Re: Popis filmova o vampirima on Mon May 16, 2011 6:05 pm

Gledala sam vise od pola ^^

Until my last breath
You'll never know
Until you feel the silence
When I am gone
Now it's vanishing
What we might have been
Only now you praise
Call my name that you won't see again

8 Re: Popis filmova o vampirima on Tue May 17, 2011 7:24 am

u jbt.... *-*
kolio sad ima filmova...
mslm da će mi trebati 2 dana samop da pogledam koji sve pišu... *-*

Moji likovi:
Other side: Skylar Ameron- Sky
Vampire Diaries: Lexi
The danger is everywhere: Anna
Dream into clouds: Asha Villow
Guardian angel: Dorian

9 Re: Popis filmova o vampirima on Wed May 18, 2011 6:23 pm

Pogledala sam svaki moguci film sa ili o vampirima . Fanatik sam Smile

She's a witch a siren and a vampyre , She has come from the distance stars
To take your heart ... To break your heart , Come and fly now with the angels , Rise again
now like the phoenix , Your the love that lives forever , In the heart that never dies, never dies...
Heart of Lilith!

10 Re: Popis filmova o vampirima on Sun Jun 19, 2011 2:19 am

Emma Cullen
Gledala sam samo ove novije filmove o vampirima Smile
Nisu svi filmovi koji su o vampirima tako dobri, barem meni :/

* Van Helsing
* Grof Dracula
* Blade
* Los Muertos
* Draculla
* Podzemlje
* Intervju s vampirom
* Queen of the Damned
* Dracula 2000
* Podzemlje 2: Evolucija
* Sumrak
* Mlad Mesec
* Pomračenje

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